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For our international banking client we are currently looking for a Software Developer who will work on the development environment for Omega and Torus by using modern development techniques, hardware and analytics. This role sits within the Central team, which helps business focused quant teams within QA to develop Omega analytics to build and test efficiently, and to deploy safely and quickly. This is an exciting role where you will be involved in writing and supporting code in a variety of languages.

This opportunity is open to flexible working arrangements. Such as working from home, flexible or compressed hours, and part-time options. If you have a need for flexibility, please apply and discuss this with us during the hiring process.

What will you be doing?
• Developing low level components in modern C++ for use in the Omega library
• Adding a new feature to generated language specific SDKs
• You will be building automating quality checks into the development process using Clang for example
• Evolve and improve the development process, both to reduce the time to build and test whilst also increasing the quality of the library
• Supporting colleagues in QA & IT to use our deployment environment efficiently
• Developing low level components in modern C++ for use in the Omega library
• Adding new features to generated language specific SDKs

What we’re looking for:
• Knowledge of Python, Lua or Perl, C++knowledge
• Basic understanding of C++ tools (e.g Clang, Valgrind UBSan, Asan or equivalent)
• Experience with DevOps development approach
• Understanding of continuous integration, testing, dependency management

Skills that will help you in the role:
• Multi-platform development (Windows, Linux)
• Knowledge of latest C++ standards
• Experience in C# or Java
• Experience working in a large organisation

Where will you be working?
Our Prague office is part of the Operations and Technology Division, and as such, we try our best to stay at the top of our technological game. However, the technology itself is not the most important thing. What matters the most to us is the way our ingenuity can help provide better service to our customers and make life easier for our employees.

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