Reed’s Czech Republic salary guide 2022

Reed’s Czech Republic salary guide 2022 presents salary data across eight different sectors in both Prague and Brno, as well as key benefits and workplace trends from across the country.


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With the pandemic beginning to loosen its hold on the Czech Republic, 2022 brings optimism for both companies and professionals. With the greater certainty this brings, businesses will be less cautious about hiring, while employees who didn’t want to risk changing jobs during the pandemic will feel more secure about moving.

This environment makes it important for both employers and employees to understand the market rate for salaries and benefits across the country. Reed’s Czech Republic salary guide 2022 allows you to benchmark salaries for a range of positions across Prague and Brno, ensuring you know what you are worth and as an employer, what you should be paying staff.

Who should read the 2022 Czech Republic salary guide?

The salary guide is essential reading for employers and employees.

Organisations should use the figures and survey data contained in the guide to inform their salary and benefit offerings, especially with the labour market favouring worker demands.

On the flip side, professionals are in a strong position if they choose to find a new job. Using the guide to understand their value puts educates them, ensuring they know their worth when it comes to securing a new role.

Which industries are covered?

The guide covers all eight of Reed’s specialist recruitment sectors in the Czech Republic. Whether you’re looking to hire, or become a junior accountant, electronic engineer or customer service manager, Reed’s guide features the insight you need to aid your decision making.

The guide includes information on the following sectors:

·       Accountancy & finance

·       Banking

·       Engineering

·       Human resources & business support

·       Multilingual shared services

·       Procurement & supply chain

·       Sales & marketing

·       Technology

Why you should download the salary guide

The Czech Republic salary guide 2022 features minimum, maximum and average salaries for hundreds of jobs at all seniorities across Prague and Brno. As well as the salaries on offer, the guide analyses key trends across all of Reed’s specialist recruitment sectors. We’ve highlighted the most interesting developments in each industry, as well as provided local insight from our recruitment experts.

The guide also offers in-depth information about the country’s business landscape, analysing the results of a Reed survey of professionals on the salary and benefits they receive and those they desire.

“This salary guide will help businesses plan for the rest of 2022 and ensure they have the right strategy in place to stand out from their competitors.” – Lenka Hnatkova, Principal Business Manager, Reed

​You can download all of this for free – simply hit the button to access our multitude of salary and benefits data in the Czech Republic.

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Reed’s Czech Republic salary guide 2023 -  pre-register now
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Reed’s Czech Republic salary guide 2023 - pre-register now

​​Pre-register for a free copy of our 2023 Reed Czech Republic Salary Guide today and we'll notify you as soon as it's launched this February.​​​

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