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Reed has been supporting businesses to find talented engineering and manufacturing professionals for decades.

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We know engineering recruitment

Finding the right engineering talent to cope with the sector’s growth is more challenging than ever. As a trusted recruitment partner, we will help you find the specialists you need for your business to thrive.

Our expert engineering and manufacturing recruiters cover the needs of the whole sector, from pre-production to post-production. Whether you’re looking for permanent, temporary, or interim engineering and manufacturing candidates, we use our extensive database of professionals, as well as our local market knowledge, to find you the best match for your company.

Each of our engineering recruitment consultants have undergone market training to enable them provide market-leading support so you are always working with a partner who understands your industry.

And understand your pain points...

  • Finding a trusted and knowledgeable recruitment partner

    • Our specialist recruiters are well versed in the sector, they’re aware of the latest market trends, and have the best salary benchmarking information - all vital for finding the best candidates, promptly.

    • All our consultants have undergone market training to enable them to give you the best sector recruitment advice in one of five key areas of engineering and manufacturing.

  • Ensuring all candidates are properly screened

    • Reed provides screening and support to help businesses like yours vet candidates quickly and reliably.

  • Making sure candidates are suited to your company

    • We thoroughly vet all our candidates to ensure their experience and skills match your requirements. We also encourage our clients to utilise our four-hour working interview where they can arrange to skill-assess the candidates in a working environment.

  • Cost saving

    • Each time your direct hiring process is extended or doesn’t work out, your costs increase. By working with us we can save you money in the long-run. We offer a variety of service options to suit all requirements, from staged payments to help manage your cash flow to industry-leading guarantees of to give you that added peace of mind.

  • Candidate drop-outs

    • We understand the frustration with candidates dropping out or not showing up for interviews. To minimise this, we remain in constant communication with all applicants, ensuring we are fully aware of their circumstances, are on hand to manage their concerns, and that we are aware of any other applications they have made.

Our engineering specialists

Mikulas Černý

Mikulas Černý

Business Manager Reed Prague

​Mikulas has been working in the recruitment field for 3 years. Nowadays he works as a Business Manager for the Engineering division in our Reed Prague office. Mikulas is an expert in the automotive industry, and has successfully developed his skillset and built new areas of recruitment, progressing to managerial level with his own team. He offers talented candidates and expert recruitment solutions in and around Europe. 

Anna Nováková

Anna Nováková

Team Leader Reed Brno

Anna is our go-to specialist for Engineering positions and started with Reed in Spring 2019. In Reed she had a brisk start and thanks to her desire to learn and develop her skills, she quickly grew from Researcher to Recruitment Consultant and lastly, Team Manager. Anna has experience with the full spectrum of Engineering roles as well as roles in Finance & Accountancy.

Veronika Grosová

Veronika Grosová

Recruitment Consultant Reed Brno

​After finishing her master's studies with a focus on production and finance, Veronika joined Reed in October 2020. With a great desire to apply her sector knowledge and aspiration to work with people, she started as a candidate Researcher, focusing on engineering and financial positions.

František Neumann

František Neumann

Recruitment Consultant Reed Prague

​​František works on recruiting all levels of candidates within in the Engineering sector for the Czech Republic and abroad. His focus spans from junior to senior Engineering roles, and during his career at Reed, he has managed to deliver extensive recruitment, communication, and analytical skills for both clients and candidates - providing them all the necessary support to support both in an end-to-end recruitment process.

Veronika Kopalová

Veronika Kopalová

Trainee Consultant Reed Brno

Benjamín Nevěčný

Benjamín Nevěčný

Research Consultant Reed Brno

​​Benjamín začal s prací s lidmi již po střední škole, napřed na pozici v helpdesku a později několik let v bance, kde měl na starost zákaznické stížnosti. Díky tomu je mu práce s kandidáty vlastní a našel se na pozici Researcher, kde hledá profesionály na různé pozice v oblasti strojírenství, automotive, elektrotechniky a automatizace.


Start a conversation with one of our specialist engineering recruiters

Send a brief overview of your requirements and we will contact you to find out more about your needs

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Getting the best from your interview
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Getting the best from your interview

​​Interviews give your potential employer the chance to see you – in the flesh, or remotely over a video call – to learn about your likes and dislikes, capabilities, and get an overall feel for whether you will fit in with the organisation.​However, getting the best from the interview doesn't just mean showing your best self to get the job - it also means using the opportunity to assess the environment you will be working in, those you will be working with and for, and making it clear in your mind whether the job and organisation are right for you.First interview, second interview, face-to-face interview, telephone interview, video interview: whatever the type of interview they all have one thing in common – you have the opportunity to shine.​"To be a great champion, you must believe you are the best. If you’re not, pretend you are."Muhammad Ali​What's inside the guide?​You may be the most knowledgeable professional for the job, but without performing well at an interview you won’t stand a chance of securing your next role.The guide takes you through the following:Getting to grips with the organisation you could be working forDress codeDifferent types of interviewTackling common first interview questionsThe big daySecond interviewsPreparing for a presentation taskOn-the-day tasksBy downloading this guide, you will learn the tips and tricks on the interview process which will help you to make the most of the short time you have to sell yourself.

How to ace your video interview
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How to ace your video interview

​Use the following video interviewing tips to help you secure your next role.There are two types of video interviewLive interviews are what you would expect – a video call with the interviewer which is very similar to a face-to-face interview, but slightly different. Some may feel more relaxed knowing that they are speaking face-to-face with a person, even if it’s only through a screen.Pre-recorded interviews provide you with questions you must answer by recording yourself. These interviews are usually recorded with specialist software, such as Shine, and you will have a certain number of attempts to answer each question.Check your techTest your microphone, camera and internet connection before you start, and make sure your device is compatible with the software your interviewer is using. Making a test call will give you piece of mind that everything is set up correctly.In case of any unexpected audio issues, or your connection drops, ensure you have the interviewer’s contact number so that you can continue your interview over the phone. Don’t forget to fully charge your device or have it plugged in to avoid any potential disruption from a low battery.Just as you would in a face-to-face interview, you must also check that your phone is on silent and any notifications are off.FramingTo frame yourself well, position yourself in the centre of the screen, with the camera at eye-level, an arm’s length away. If you give the illusion of eye-contact by looking at the camera, you will seem more engaging to the interviewer. The interviewer will have a better impression of you, and will be more engaged in your answers.It is most important to choose a location where you won’t be disturbed and are least likely to pick up noise from your surroundings. Choose a space which is not too dark or too bright and remove anything from behind you that you wouldn’t want your employer to see, such as dirty clothes.Body language and appearanceBe as professional as possible, both in how you dress and in your body language – remember that this is your potential employer. Even if the interviewer can’t see all of you, dressing well will put you in the right mindset for a job interview and you will make a much better impression.Other than your facial expression and hand gestures, your non-verbal communication is limited, so it will be more difficult for the interviewer to pick up positive body language. Ensure you don’t fidget too much, avoid covering your mouth, and make sure to smile.Our YouTube channel has a fantastic series of interviewing advice videos detailing the dos and don’ts for candidates.If you’re looking for a new career opportunity, contact your local office via email or over the phone.