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Here at REED we have specialist recruitment teams across the Czech Republic ready to help you find careers in all sectors.

  • 'I particularly appreciate the professional approach and quick response to my questions.'

    Kamil Bělina, Heineken
  • 'Veronika has been very helpful since the first moment we got in touch. She's shared with me a job offer, which I found attractive and challenging at the same time. Thanks to her professional attitude and support before both interview rounds I've eventually managed to succeed.'

    Tomáš Berger, Anheuser-Busch InBev
  • 'We have been working with REED since 2012 and we are very satisfied with their services. Not only they are able to find us candidates for complex and senior roles within the IT, Multilingual support and Finance areas, but the overall communication and understanding of our company values and culture is exquisite. The profiles sent are relevant and all candidates sent by REED are perfectly informed about the content of the role and our company's structure and plans. REED is always willing to take the extra step to meet our needs and we are happy to cooperate with them.'

    Miroslava Ambrozova, Dixons Carphone CoE
  • 'Precision, orientation to detail, extraordinary support to candidates - REED is going the extra mile in recruitment process while still meeting the high volume hiring needs connected with customer service generally and our company specifically. Highly professional approach combined with their ability to create friendly and welcoming environment for the candidates is something that really works - for them, for us and mainly for the candidates. This win-win-win situation makes them exceptional. If I ever decide to leave this job, I'll let them find a placement for me. Seriously!'

    Lucie Chladová ,
  • 'Since I was approached by Martina I found a communication with her on advanced and professional level. It's always a pleasure to cooperate with somebody who knows what is she talking about and is not afraid to use humor to enlighten sometimes stressful situations. Can recommend Martina to all the IT supermans looking for a change in their professional carrier.'

    Ondřej Verbo, Global Blue
  • 'REED has supported Nespresso's recruitment needs on highly professional level and has respected our specific needs.'

    Hana Ponsan, Nespresso
  • 'REED is a professional recruitment partner for us. We appreciate their proactive approach throughout the whole process as well as a rapid response to our requirements.'

    Kristýna Mikšovská, Hankook

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