Senior Systems Engineer

Job description

Our client is a generic decentralized prover network designed for deploying arbitrary provers as on-chain programs while maintaining performance similar to centralized provers. Their vision is to make the creation of performant zk-based systems, such as validity rollups, as easy as deploying smart contracts.

About the Role:

We are looking for a Senior Software Engineer who can turn ideas into reliable, beautifully written code that other people will find easy to comprehend and modify. You have a fundamental understanding of distributed systems and how Linux works behind the scenes. All additional experience in low-level systems is considered to your benefit. Experience and understanding of blockchain are not mandatory.


● 2+ years of experience in Rust, through official work or personal projects

● Ability to quickly learn complex systems

● Ability to proactively identify issues and find possible solutions

● Fluent and active communication skills in English

Preferred Skills:

● Experience and interest in distributed systems, P2P networking, virtualization, and unikernels

● Curiosity for blockchain/cybersecurity

● Familiarity with Linux internals, POSIX standards, file systems, and zero-knowledge cryptography

Key Responsibilities:

● Work closely with us as we build additional features, functionality, and applications

● Understand our client's infrastructure in detail to ideate and execute areas of improvement

● Implement and contribute to engineering practices and processes

What We Offer:

● Fully remote position

● Competitive salary

● Significant responsibility from day 1

● Fast growth environment with opportunities for professional development

● Minimal amount of meetings

● Free-ish working hours (Some overlap availability needed with EET)

● Opportunity to work on the cutting edge of Zero Knowledge infrastructure

● Opportunity to gain experience in the blockchain industry and development without prior industry experience


● Linux on x86-64

● Nanos unikernel

● QEMU ● gRPC over VSOCK ● Rust ● Postgresql

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