Senior Data Engineer

Job description

Join the IT community of IT enthusiasts, based in Prague, a start-up mindset and become part of an international team with unlimited opportunities. 

Project: International Common Data Model is a 3NF data model centrally developed in our data team and implemented locally in each business unit. It is part of our data lakehouse architecture advocated by Databricks and it is not just a data model, but also processes, services, APIs, dictionaries, tools and documentation we provide to unlock the value of data in.


  • Ability to write advanced scripts in SQL, Python or other languages.
  • Proven experience working with cloud and development on MS Azure or AWS.
  • Experience in extracting different types of data sources (structured, semi structured, unstructured and streaming data)
  • Ability to design efficient data exchange architecture and processes
  • Ability to build advanced database structures, datamarts and reports.
  • Ability to connect to fully technical people from the IT department and able to connect to business people
  • Knowledge of GDPR regulation 

What will you do

  • Retrieves data from client’s data sources, clean the data and make it available to the data-scientists;
  • Knows, understands and develops the ''common data model'' and helps with implementation in the BUs on use-case basis.
  • Maps the data flow from different data sources and pushes clean data to a DB/DWH on Cloud (Azure) in accordance with common data model
  • Develops and maintain the data infrastructure and architecture for the DS Hub and contributes to International Architecture as well.
  • Supports data scientists during data preparation stage with data transformation and code optimization.
  • Knows the way around in client’s data-landscape and is able to connect to most important data-related people to get things done.
  • Creates and maintains documentation related to his / her work. Educates and mentor junior colleagues.
  • Designs and implements end-to-end data solutions on cloud (Azure), helps develop test cases and test data pipelines. 


  • Be a part of the newly built international team
  • Home office, 5 weeks of vacation, and 5 annual sick days
  • 3% employer supplemental pension monthly contribution
  • Unlimited budget for your education (hard and soft skills, Language courses)
  • Meal contribution, Cafeteria program, monthly home office allowance
  • Multisport card, partnership with various companies (Makro, Datart, Sony, Electrolux…)
  • iPhone, personal Office 365 License, O2 Family discounts
  • Volunteering days to support our community
  • Employee referral bonuses to encourage the addition of great new people to the team
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