IT Permenant Services Support / Inventory and Stock L2

Job description

Job Description

•           Reading error codes flashed up on the device

•           Swapping out hardware

•           Tracing faults using diagnostic devices and software

•           Upgrading components

•           Assisting the support staff of other service-providers

•           May require some staggered shifts

•           Will require some travel to sites

•           Other duties may be assigned

•           Inventory Management

•           Supervise the flow of company’s stocked goods

•           Keep a detailed record of each new or returned goods as it enters or leaves the stockroom.

•           Control and oversee ordering inventory, storage of inventory, and control the amount of goods

•           Update the record file

•           Common inventory management techniques knowledge

•           Daily, Weekly and Monthly Reporting on IT Stock.

•           Must be able to produce a trend analysis report on common failures on end user devices.





       Language requirements:
Native Czech
         English B2

           InTune, Auto Pilot and ServiceNow skills needed.  


•           Years of experience:  Intermediate, typically 2 to 4 years of applied skills and experience

•           Supplier resources have completed industry standard training and certifications to include A+ certification or have equivalent work experience at a minimum of 3 years.

•           Completion of required training and certifications or have equivalent work experience at a minimum of 3 years. to perform warranty hardware repair of HP, Dell, and Lenovo devices including warranty parts ordering, repair/replacement, and defective part return.

•           Working technical knowledge of Windows operating systems to allow for resolution of issues, or full rebuild of the PC using client specific documentation provided by the client.

•           Familiarity with OSX, iOS, and Android operating systems in order to provide best-effort support to End users using related devices.

•           Working technical knowledge of Microsoft Office Products, antivirus products, desktop services to allow for resolution of software application issues.

•           Ability to utilize provided knowledge article to resolve issues with client specific applications.

•           Customer-facing “soft skills” including strong verbal and written communications

•           Ability to apply intermediate level of subject matter knowledge to solve a variety of common IT issues.

•           Exercises independent judgment within defined practices and procedures to determine appropriate action.

•           Acts as an informed team member providing analysis of information and limited project input.

•           Evaluates unique circumstances and makes technical and procedural recommendations.

•           Distinctive service and customer orientation

•           Conversational local language

•           Close attention to detail, and ability to work independently, as well as part of a team, on multiple projects

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