100% remote, Go System Engineer in a blockchain project with freelancing possibilities

Job description

Let’s work for a new tech #startup that aims to create a generic decentralized prover network. This network will be designed for deploying arbitrary provers as on-chain programs while maintaining performance levels similar to centralized provers. The vision behind this initiative is to make the creation of performant zk-based systems, such as validity rollups, as straightforward as deploying smart contracts. As a System Engineer, you will transform ideas into robust, elegantly written code that others will find easy to understand and modify. You possess a solid grasp of distributed systems and a deep understanding of Linux internals. Any additional experience in low-level systems is considered advantageous. Familiarity with blockchain is not mandatory but can be beneficial.


- Work closely with us as we build additional features, functionality, and applications
- Thoroughly understand the client’s infrastructure to generate ideas and implement improvements
- Implement and contribute to engineering practices and processes


- 2+ years of experience in #Go, through official work or personal projects
- Ability to quickly learn complex systems
- Ability to *proactively* identify issues and find possible solutions


- Linux on x86-64
- Nanos unikernel
- gRPC over VSOCK
- Go
- Postgresql


- Competitive salary
- Significant responsibility from day 1
- Fast growth environment with opportunities for professional development
- Minimal amount of meetings
- Free-ish working hours (Some overlap availability needed with EET)
- Opportunity to work on the cutting edge of Zero Knowledge infrastructure
- Opportunity to gain experience in the blockchain industry and development without prior industry experience

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