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Digital Product Manager

Lokalita: WESTMINSTER, LONDON Mzda: 400.00 - 450.00 GBP Per Hour
Sector: IT & Technologie Typ pozice: Dočasná práce
Shift Type: N/A Aplikace: N/A
Přidáno před: 9 měsíci Referenční číslo: 3117286
Digital Product Manager - Public Sector 

My client is a government organisation and are looking for an individual with strong interpersonal skills who likes working in a delivery focused, agile environment with multidisciplinary teams. Making contribution to the wider Product Manager community and share you skills and experiences with others across the organisation and across government.

It’s essential you have:
● Product ownership: you are an expert in product management, using a range of techniques to work with a multidisciplinary team and translate user needs into deliverables
● User focus: you understand users (who they are, what their needs are, how they behave and how they change over time) and deliver products and services that meet these needs. You can prioritise users’ most pressing needs, and are able to coach other Product Managers to do the same
● Problem ownership: you take a problem statement and can work with a multidisciplinary team to validate the problem, refining it and narrowing its focus until it becomes feasible and valuable to solve. You understand how problems fit in the larger context of the portfolio, and build the problem-solving capabilities of others
● Strategic ownership: focussed on benefits (not features), you develop ambitious visions and strategies and are able to get organisational buy-in and translate them into deliverable goals. You can build long-term product roadmaps, and can build the capability of others
● Experience of working with agility: you can coach and lead teams in agile practices. You are as a recognised expert in working with agility, continuously reflecting and challenging the team to improve
● Product lifecycle perspective: you have experience of the full product lifecycle and can lead a team through each stage, continuing to meet user needs by iterating your product (this includes live support and incident response). You can recognise when it is right to move forward and when it is right to stop a product, and can coach others to do the same.
It is desirable that you have:
● Financial ownership: you can prioritise spending based on return on investment and are able to secure funding for new products by building and pitching of a business case that you own and iterate throughout the product’s lifecycle. You can work with Business Analysts and operate at the level of cost per sprint, and at a portfolio level
● An understanding of constraints: an understanding of policy, legislative, regulatory and operational constraints, adapting products where needed. You are beginning to challenge constraints when needed, and can coach others to improve their skills
● Knowledge of the digital economy: you are aware of the varieties of digital contexts and design service to fit them, keeping up to date with new technologies and their potential use.

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